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Delivery Across Ontario

With Yards in Toronto and Sudbury


In business since 1979, we are familiar with the top-quality products in the industry, and ensure that you are equipped with only the most reliable, trustworthy tools. A worksite is only as successful as the equipment it uses: so, to be sure of your project’s success, you can count on our experts to steer you in the right direction. 


Our small to medium-sized marine plants are the ideal size for the waterways of Southern Ontario. They are mobile by truck or water and are available for a broad diversity of contracted jobs. 


Get The Job Done

Our vessels can be rented to help you fulfill a range of projects including rock and concrete breaking, marine transport, soil sampling, and more.

Barges allow you to carry immense cargo throughout channels of water: so, regardless of the size of your work project, we are able to accommodate. Supplying only top-quality equipment, you can count on Soderholm Maritime Services Inc. to ensure the safety and welfare of your project. 

Our Fleet



Sectional scows

Spud scows

Work boats



Dredging equipment

….and more

Every project has unique needs. So, to ensure your worksite is successful, consult with our in-house marine rental experts. Contact our team of experts to find the barge to suit your specific needs. 


In order to keep your water-based worksite safe, a quality float is necessary. With locations based in Toronto and Sudbury, we supply everything you need for projects of all sizes. Floats themselves are necessary pieces of marine equipment, providing you with the opportunity to maneuver land-based equipment in a marine setting. Avoid the costly risk of unnecessary repairs due to water damage - rent a float for your commercial worksite.

Save your equipment from water damage. Rent a float today. 

Contact us for more details.

anchor of a ship


As experienced professionals in water-related worksites, we know the ins and outs of boat operation and rentals. Did you know that it saves money to rent the boat best suited for your project? Oversized vessels add to cost and reduce mobility. Whereas, a marine item that is too small to serve its purpose is subject to a plethora of issues ranging from damage to overall failure. 

Unsure about what rental fits your specific needs?Our 40 year’s experience is only a phone call away. We’d be happy to help match you with the right equipment to get the job done right. Find the perfect vessel for your project’s needs. 


Comprehensive Boat Rentals

Find the perfect vessel for your project’s needs.

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