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Shore Protection & Construction Dredging Contractors in Ontario

Soderholm Maritime Services Inc. offers our comprehensive range of services on a general contracting or project management basis. Retained by the hour, for the day, or on a contractual basis, we put our extensive skills and experience to work for you to deal with any situation promptly, professionally, effectively and efficiently. Our marine plants in Toronto and Sudbury are mobile by truck or water, and our team of experts is available for a wide range of contract jobs, including:

Water Intakes, Outfalls & River Crossings

Since our business’ story began in 1979, we have installed more than 6,000 linear meters of HDPE pipe throughout Ontario. Our plant is the perfect size for the inland waterways of Southern Ontario and we have experience fusing polyethylene pipe in the winter and summer seasons. We have personnel who are certified to join HDPE pipe. We take advantage of the weather when we can and work around it when necessary. With in-house diving services, we can do it all.


Shore Protection

We use armour stone, rip rap, interlocking stone, and gabion baskets to meet all your shore protection needs.


Marina Maintenance & Construction

Our marina maintenance and construction services include the building of fixed docks, installation of floating docks, as well as repair and reconstruction of existing docks and anchorage systems. Our divers provide thorough inspections of docks and anchorage systems and can make the necessary repairs. We also raise sunken pleasure crafts.

view of front part of a ship


We can facilitate your construction job by driving tube, wood, and lightweight sheeting piles, as well as facilitating underwater and dry concrete restoration projects.

a worker wearing a helmet


We have the skills and the equipment to perform intense dredging jobs in harbours, marinas, and navigation channels. We build and maintain silt control system for our own jobs and others.


Marine Contracting Services

Everything you need for your next underwater project, all in one place.

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